Re: Some imperfections (a bit long)

Bahram Alinezhad <alineziad yahoo com> writes:

> 1- When we want a panel to appear (in autohide mode),
> it appears with a delay that grates on my nerves! I
> prefer to avoid autohide mode now, even though I hate
> a panel to occupy my screen., component gnome-panel I believe.

> 2- Menus and windows cannot be moved farther when they
> reach to the top of the screen (I'm speaking of moving
> them using alt+mouse). This causes some problems, e.g.
> with mozilla preferences menu, you cannot press the OK
> button.

I think this is intentional since if you don't now the alt+mouse
combination, you can never get rid of the window again (unless you
know how to use a terminal). It's a bug with Mozilla. It should not
use windows that are too large for the screen. Report it on

> 3- Nautilus and other programs do not remember their
> previous size! For me who always prefer to be
> maximaized, it is troublesome.

They do remember their size. They don't remember maximisations though.
I don't know whether this is a bug or not. You could try reporting it
on under nautilus. But maximising windows is really
a bad Windows habit, IMHO. X is not intended to be used that way.

> 4- I see that nautilus uses the same policy as
> konqueror for identifying the file-types: The browser
> appoints the file-type only when there is no
> extension. Without any extension, the browser shows
> the correct type, while with presence of an extension,
> it follows it. But there is something in konqueror
> that I wish nautilus would include: When konqueror
> finds a mismatch between extension and the real
> content, adds a line in the file-properties tab which
> shows the actual content... may have you noticed it
> yet?

Suggest it on nautilus-list or report in Bugzilla.

> 5- Still the size of folders isn't shown in
> properties! The philosophy behind it is being a
> different browser? Or being simple? That is good, but
> not to the expense of being useless.

It's shown here, with Gnome 2.8 on Debian. At least with local
folders, I don't know about remote folders. The proof is here:

> There is also a question:
> - Are both KDE and Gnome to use the same folder as
> their desktop (i.e. ~/.Desktop)? If so, It is very
> good IMHO.

I believe that's the case.

Ole Laursen

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