Removing ghone-panels permanently on a second display


I have two displays on a computer (:0.0 and :0.1) driven by separate video cards. The first is the control desktop where software is run from, while the second drives a stereo display of a virtual reality setup.

I'm trying to remove the panels permanently on the second display without much luck - I can delete them for the current session, but then they come back when session is started again later. Is this a bug?

I've also tried to use gconf-editor, setting the values under /apps/panel/profiles/default/toplevels/[bottom_panel_screen1, top_panel_screen1] so that they autohide with a autohide size of 0 - this makes no difference, however.

I'm running Debian sid (gnome 2.8.1).

Is there a way of forcing gnome-panel to only have panels on one screen?



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