Re: GUI does not load after monitor is changed

On Sat, 2005-19-02 at 08:09 -0600, Allyn Baskerville wrote:
> I suspect this has been asked several times as it's happened to me a couple of times, but I didn't see the solution in the archives. 
> I have RH RC2 installed on an old Compaq 800 ProLiant. After the machine was built, I moved it to a rack with a KVM and a different 
> monitor installed. I could tell the GUI keeps trying to load but fails. I suspect the machine doesn't recognize the monitor. I tried 
> to change /etc/X11/XF86config, but it hasn't helped at this point. Do I need to try something else, or should this file be the 
> culprit? Thanks - Allyn 

I think this is definitely a distribution level problem, so this is not
the best place to get a decent answer. However I cannot direct you
further since I'm a bit confused about exactly which distro you use.
Perhaps RC2 is a type-o for Redhat's Fedora Core 2, in which case you
should try Yet another poster seems to have
recommended you use a Debian specific command.

I'm afraid few people will be much help without more information about
your problem. For sure X is crapping out because it can no longer safely
display to totally different monitor, but more is needed I suggest you
look in your distro's specific help sites.

ps. FC2's server conf file is located in /etc/X11/xorg.conf IIRC


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