First, a comment about responses to requests for help. I know that the contributors are volunteers, and that they are busy people, but the list exists to help users with problems. The suggestion is often that the user try to find the solution before they ask. Where? Beyond the basics, the online help is frequently little help. How does one find help on the Gnome web site? lists across the top of the page: About Gnome - Download - Users - Art & Themes - Developers - Foudation - Contact. Where's the help? Where's the documentation? Where's the FAQ? I have looked and looked.

Enough of that.

My subject line is "Numlock". This is the most useless key on a PC keyboard. I have never used any other type of keyboard. I don't suppose that many unix OS or application programmers have a number crunching background. Anyone who has used various calculators for engineering or accounting, etc. would much rather use the keypad than the numbers above the alphabet. The only other use is as cursor keys, and the PC keyboard has those more conveniently located. The numlock key should always be on.

I have been using Slackware and Debian flavors of Linux and it took some digging to find out how to have numlock turned on always. I have added the proper command to rc.local. It works great for the console, but doesn't do a thing for Gnome. I have looked and looked, but cannot find where this can be configured. I have tried xset, but "xset led on" turns on the third led only (scroll lock) as does "xset led 3". The man page implies that the number for the numlock key could anything from 1 to 32. I have tried them all. I have set "Option "Xleds" "1 2 3" " in XF86Config and xorg.conf and tried xset led in xinitrc. Nothing works.

Maybe I'm just dumb, but I can't be the only one who wants to do this.

I would appreciate any help.


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