Re: nautilus windows

Ryan McDougall wrote:

On Fri, 2005-18-02 at 16:47 -0500, tommie ramirez andujar wrote:

How can I make nautilus windows open all in the same window and not in separate windows,

Like any piece of new software you are expected to take a look at the
manual to understand how it works: http:/

Lastly, this issue has been discussed quite often, so you will probably
find that doing a search would give you results quicker, and avoid
making people repeat themselves.


Gee, Ryan, don't you think that your response to tommiw is just a bit arrogant and condescending?

Like him, I upgraded to the latest version of Gnome and was presented with the new navigation behaviour. I searched all the menus including Edit-Preferences-Behaviour looking for an option to return to the old behaviour. I saw "Always open in browser windows", but the phrase does not actually describe the principal difference between the old and new navigation techniques. So I ended up doing just what he did, i.e. posting to this mail list, to get the answer. And as you point out, the same issue has been mentioned other times on this list by other people, so tommiw and I are not alone in our confusion.

Rather than complaining to us mere mortals for not looking hard enough, perhaps god-like creatures like yourself could learn lessons from our comments, namely:

1) When introducing a new behaviour, make the OLD behaviour the default. If the new behaviour is better, people will migrate to it of their own accord.

2) On the preferences window, make sure that the description of each option actually describes its main effect instead of using jargon like "browser windows". How about "Open directories in new windows" for example!

Jack Dodds

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