Re: nautilus windows

On Fri, 2005-18-02 at 16:47 -0500, tommie ramirez andujar wrote:
> Hi,
> How can I make nautilus windows open all in the same window and 
> not in separate windows,
> tommiw

Like any piece of new software you are expected to take a look at the
manual to understand how it works: http:/

I would find the exact place where it mentions nautilus, but
is misbehaving. Basically nautilus was designed with the "many windows"
thing as a small part of a new feature called spatial navigation, but if
you don't know about the other tricks that came with it, it can become

You can use the middle mouse button to close a parent window and open
the child (I use the middle button constantly). You can use File->Close
Parent windows to close all the parent windows you opened up. There is a
button in the bottom lower left corner that allows you to just back to
any of parents you closed. There is also File->Open Location which
allows you to jump instantly to a folder via a command-line-completion
dialogue. Lastly there is coming a method for you to specify your own
"Places" (you can now via the chooser) which you can jump to via the
Places menu.

However to answer the question as asked, Edit->Preferences->Behaviour->
Click "open all windows in browser".

Lastly, this issue has been discussed quite often, so you will probably
find that doing a search would give you results quicker, and avoid
making people repeat themselves.


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