gnome-cd 2.8.0 no longer likes my cds

I recently upgraded from RH 9 to FC 3.  Today I tried to play some audio
cds with no luck.  The default app for audio cds is gnome-cd, same as it
was before.  The Play/Pause button suggests that it's playing, as does
the light on the drive itself, but no sound is heard, not timer shows,
and nothing appears to be happening.  The app can find the cd itself,
since it looks it up in the CDDB database and gets it right.  Just no
sound.  Except for an occasional short burst when I hit the Next Track

Is this a known bug that happened somehwhere between gnome-cd 2.2.1 (my
old RH 9 version) and 2.8.0 in FC3?  Does anyone have any suggestions?
I'm about to reinstall the old version and see if it works with FC 3.


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