Re: Emacs-style keybindings?

On Tue, 01 Feb 2005 21:55:43 -0800
Jeff Trefftzs <trefftzs tcsn net> wrote:

> Hi -
> I just upgraded from RH 9 to Fedora Core 3 (Gnome 2.8), and I can no
> longer find the proper settings to use emacs-style keybindings.  Is
> there a hidden gconf kcy somewhere that I should use.  I did find a
> document that claimed I could set emacs-style keybindings, but the
> menu location it specified didn't exist, and now I can't even find the
> document :-(.  Any and all advice welcomed.

You could try putting the following in your .gtkrc:

# insist on emacs key bindings
include "/usr/share/themes/Emacs/gtk-2.0-key/gtkrc"

I read somewhere that this should also work, but it didn't for me.

gtk-key-theme-name = "Emacs"



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