Re: help

philip e williams wrote:
i need basic beginners help.

Hey Philip, not a problem, I'll try to address some of your issues, but one suggestion. This is a gnome list, what you look like you need is Linux help. See if you can locate a local LUG (Linux Users Group). Most have meetings and/or lists as well. If you can't find a LUG in your area, you're welcome to subscribe to our LUG list (, Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts. Plenty of folks there who will be willing to help you with generic Linux questions.

i have installed linux red hat 'gnnome' and am having trouble with such
simple things.
1.     i can't  save or retrieve anything to or from a floppy disk

This is likely because the floppy isn't mounted. Unlike Windows, you don't get automatic access to a floppy in most cases. You should be able to right click on a floppy icon and tell it to mount, but that's dependent on the versions of Gnome/Red Hat you're running.

2.     i can't get anything to print, or get the printer to be recognized

Look for printer configuration on the system menus.

3.     can't get my pc modem card setup

This could be an issue with the modem itself. If it is a so called win-modem (software modem), then there are some hoops you'll need to jump through. Even then it may or may not work. Is it internal modem?

4.     etc...........
i know i sound like a complete there someone out there that
will help me?
i want to learn to use this system.......i am bored to death with
ms-windows and dos!

That's the first step. :)

Until later, Geoffrey

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