Re: help

On Thu, 2005-03-02 at 14:23 -0700, philip e williams wrote:
> i need basic beginners help. 
> i have installed linux red hat 'gnnome' and am having trouble with such
> simple things.
> 1.     i can't  save or retrieve anything to or from a floppy disk
> 2.     i can't get anything to print, or get the printer to be recognized
> 3.     can't get my pc modem card setup
> 4.     etc...........
> i know i sound like a complete there someone out there that
> will help me?
> i want to learn to use this system.......i am bored to death with
> ms-windows and dos!
> please help!!!!!
> 	philip

There are lots of places where you can ask questions. Heres a small

A google search might help you find more.

This mailing list is for GNOME related problems. Sounds like you have
Red Hat or Linux related problems. Try this mailing list:

This site contains a number of How-tos, such as how to setup a modem.

This site has a number of linux users groups, places where linux users
meet in person, and talk about linux, including how to set up printing. 

When you ask for help in one of these places, you need to specify things
like what version of Red Hat you have, what type of modem and printer
you have, etc. The more specific, the more information people have to
help you.

If you reply with more information we can help you better.


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