Re: Can't make Gnome work on Solaris 9

On Wed, 2005-02-02 at 14:17 -0200, soraia serra barbosa globo com wrote:
> But still I keep receiving the error:
> " gnome-session: fatal: open failed: No such
> file or directory", when I'm in a remote session.

> I don't know what is happening, because I made sure that variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH
> had the path /usr/local/lib, where strangely
> exists the file, but still it keeps saying it cannot be
> found. 

The error message says that ld is not finding the library in question.

Where did you set the variable?  Because perhaps it is being set after
it is being invoked?

Also, make certain that after you set that variable that you export the

Oh - and is the file in /usr/local/lib a real file, or a symlink?
Do an
ls -l /usr/local/lib/
and see if the first character is a '-' .

Finally, if you type 
$ ldd /bin/gnome-session

the result will be a check to see which dynamic libraries can be found.
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