Re: Running GNOME apps on remote X display

On Wed, 2005-26-01 at 15:44 +0200, Teofilis Martisius wrote:
> Hello,
> I have 2 computers, both running debian/unstable, both have GNOME2.
> I'm using one of them locally, and I connect to another one over SSH
> with X forwarding.
> Now, if I run GNOME on local computer, and I try to run a GNOME app
> (like gedit) on remote computer over SSH, it runs on my local display
> using LOCAL theme. How does remote computer discover which theme I use
> on my local computer?
> Second question. If I don't run GNOME on my local computer. Let's say I
> run TWM, or just plain X with a terminal and no window manager. I
> connect to remote computer over SSH, and run a GNOME app. It runs using
> default theme and default fonts (probably because local computer doesn't
> run GNOME). But how do I run remote GNOME applications from non-GNOME
> environment using some other theme (let's say I set that theme up on
> remote computer) and/or other fonts. How do I do that?
> P.S. I'm not subscribed to this mailing list, so please CC me.
> Teofilis Martisius

Ofcourse, sine this is X were talking about, the local machine does all
the drawing. This means that before the local machine could *ever*
render the remote theme, it would need the correct theme engine to be
installed locally.

It decides *how* to draw by first looking in $HOME then /usr/share for
what theme to use. I believe its in ~/.gtkrc, but I could be wrong.

Therefore I guess if you want to use the remote theme, you have to find
some magic to get the gtkrc file over to the local machine. Best bet is
to just install the remote theme locally.


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