static builds of the GNOME desktop module set

Greetings all,

I'm curious as to whether there exists static builds of Desktop modules.
Such as evolution. I'm running FC3 with gnome 2.8 and new features in
the later and latest evolution releases make it a worthy upgrade.
However I'm trying to avoid upgrade grief with dependencies etc.

Apps such as evince etc would also be great if existed in statically
built binaries as well.

On the same topic, are they any plans for the GNOME team to separate the
Desktop apps dependency on the actual Developer platform module set?

I know a lot of time was spent integrating them but as with my current
problem it's a real hassle esp since I'd have to wait on my distro to
release compatible libs that would at least allow for a successful
compile from source then upgrading. Unfortunately these upgrades are
release upgrades.

Isn't GNOME for a desktop interface becoming too monolithic in it's

The other big question is will the libs ever reach that point of
stability so that future apps or earlier apps can work with any
version ???? For example will gtk2+ version 2.x remain stable for the
next 2 years at least only allowing point upgrades to fix bugs.

Maybe it's time the GNOME devs to fork another branch and promote
stability in the desktop app.

Just some thoughts.

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