associating applications in nautilus and opening windows in the same workspace ...

I am currently using gnome 2.10 installed through garnome. But it
seems to have lost all the properties of its former gnome. The most
irritating of them being the "associate application with a file type"
in nautilus. Does anyone know how to reset it to the earlier values. I
used fedora core 2 with gnome. And it used to open files and it had a
particular set of associated applications with each file type. Now, it
always asks me to associate applications with each filetype. Can I
somehow restore the earlier filetype associations which used to exist
in the built-in gnome with fc2.
Secondly,  I want to open any new window in the workspace it was
supposed to open. Like, say i clicked on an executable in say
workspace 1 then it should open it in that workspace only and not in
the workspace i m currently in. It irritates me a lot. Is it supported
in the newer gnomes. Somebody told me that there is some virtual
workspace concepts which make it difficult to achieve the above. I
dunno much about it.


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