Re: [gnome-love] writer/interviewer wanted- article suggestion for next gnome-journal

On 8/25/05, Akbar Pasha <akbarpasha gmail com> wrote:
> Hi Luis,
> This sounds like a very good plan. But I have couple of questions though.
> 1. I see about 12 bounties from GNOME as a part of SoC. Does that
> mean, each volunteer (the person who would be crafting the article)
> would get to cover one bounty each?

My thinking was that one person do them all, so that they are
consistent in tone, content, etc. Note that when I said 'interview' I
meant 'send an email with 3-4 questions'- given that there are so
many, the writeups must be brief so as not to be boring or repetitive.
But I imagine that if they were split 2-3 ways a little bit of editing
could still bring consistency.

Also, probably worth noting that I believe some of the projects are
not going to be finished- so if Seth or JRB can identify which those
are, perhaps the number will be less than 12.

> I would like to make an attempt at it, but considering that all these
> projects may require different types of questions (or I guess there
> would be some standard questions) I think its kinda big for one person
> to handle. Also there are some projects/bounties which I am not
> interested in and would do no justice to interview the person. Please
> shed some more light on this.

Perhaps if someone else volunteers you could each pick six or four?

> 2. I understand that I need to get to right people on both Gnome
> Journal & SoC side, but are there any restrictions on SoC side that
> the interns are not allowed to divulge? Is GNOME authorized to know
> the status of the project sponsored by Google? I haven't read the FAQ
> on SoC though, but that is the first question that arises in mind.

The projects are entirely public- some projects have even set up
planets specially for summer of code:

> I would like to volunteer for this 


> as I think I do have the
> requirements of bugging the hell out of people through emails (just
> kidding!!).

A very valuable skill- what do you think bugmastering is? :)

Anyone else interested in splitting these? 

[One other note, just to be clear- the deadline for this to be written
and submitted is Sept. 1st, so it is probably desirable that the
emails to the SoC folks be sent by some time tomorrow or Saturday.]

> On 8/25/05, Luis Villa <luis villa gmail com> wrote:
> > Hey, so... I'm aiming this email mostly at lurkers on the cc'd lists,
> > who might want to find a starting point to jump in and help out.
> > Requirements are confidence to email total strangers, ability to
> > convincingly/politely ask those strangers to help, and good enough
> > english to write up the results. Oh, and enough free time to do all
> > this in the next 7 days. Should be lots of people like that on the
> > list, I hope :)
> >
> > As most of you probably know, Google has funded the 'summer of
> > code'(SoC), where gnome (among other projects) had 10 people sponsored
> > to work on GNOME-related projects for the summer.
> >
> > Their work is nearly ready to wrap up, they and their work have not
> > really been sufficiently publicized, and the next gnome-journal is
> > nearly ready to publish. A match made in heaven. :)
> >
> > The basic idea here would be to do an overview of the successful SoC
> > projects- describe the projects briefly, interview the authors
> > briefly, ask what they found most fun, most challenging, how
> > successful they feel they were in meeting their initial project goals,
> > etc. Should be pretty easy- same basic questions and format for each
> > hacker and piece, just need to track them down and ask the questions
> > :)
> >
> > There is a list of the people and projects here:
> >
> >
> > Please email the marketing list if you plan on tackling this, so
> > someone can help give you pointers to the right people on both sides
> > (gnome-journal and SoC) and so we don't get a half-dozen people all
> > emailing the SoC kids.
> >
> > Really hope someone can take this idea up and get us a kick-ass
> > article for the next gnome-journal- would be great for the journal, a
> > nice note for the hackers to end their summers on, and good for gnome
> > to write up and publicize these things.
> >
> > Luis
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