writer/interviewer wanted- article suggestion for next gnome-journal

Hey, so... I'm aiming this email mostly at lurkers on the cc'd lists,
who might want to find a starting point to jump in and help out.
Requirements are confidence to email total strangers, ability to
convincingly/politely ask those strangers to help, and good enough
english to write up the results. Oh, and enough free time to do all
this in the next 7 days. Should be lots of people like that on the
list, I hope :)

As most of you probably know, Google has funded the 'summer of
code'(SoC), where gnome (among other projects) had 10 people sponsored
to work on GNOME-related projects for the summer.

Their work is nearly ready to wrap up, they and their work have not
really been sufficiently publicized, and the next gnome-journal is
nearly ready to publish. A match made in heaven. :)

The basic idea here would be to do an overview of the successful SoC
projects- describe the projects briefly, interview the authors
briefly, ask what they found most fun, most challenging, how
successful they feel they were in meeting their initial project goals,
etc. Should be pretty easy- same basic questions and format for each
hacker and piece, just need to track them down and ask the questions

There is a list of the people and projects here:

Please email the marketing list if you plan on tackling this, so
someone can help give you pointers to the right people on both sides
(gnome-journal and SoC) and so we don't get a half-dozen people all
emailing the SoC kids.

Really hope someone can take this idea up and get us a kick-ass
article for the next gnome-journal- would be great for the journal, a
nice note for the hackers to end their summers on, and good for gnome
to write up and publicize these things.


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