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David Bouchain wrote:
Age Bosma wrote:


I've been playing with GNOME for a while and it struck me that there's no central place to handle desktop/screen perferences to change e.g. the background, screen saver, screen resolution, etc. Is there a specific reason for this? Unlike Windows, GNOME provides only an option to change the background when you right-click the desktop. Why not create a Windows style properties dialog to allow users to change all the desktop/screen perferences in a centralized location? This would also clean up the "System - Preferences" menu a bit since all the desktop/screen perferences are listed separately now.



I can access all preferences through the menu entries Desktop --> Preferences. I can change my desktop background there, as well as my screen resolution. Isn't that pretty much in one place? ;)

I'm using Ubuntu Linux. The only thing I've got is something in the lines of the following screenshot [1]. I don't know if this is what you mean.

Putting it in the same dialog doesn't even make sense to me because the desktop background doesn't really have to do anything with the screen resolution except for that you can choose it.

I agree that it's basically two or three different things. The problem imo is that, if you look at the provided screenshot, the preferences menu is containing a relatively large list of completely different options. Most of them don't have anyhting to do with each other except for e.g. Desktop Background, Screen Resolution, Screensaver and maybe even Font and Theme. These are all kind of "visual" related options which could be grouped together one way or another. This way a clearer overview can be created imo.

Don't you have the "Desktop Background" entry in your Preferences?

In the desktop context menu I've got the option "Change Desktop Background" but that's it.



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