No bluetooth item anymore !!


I have just installed Gnome 2.10 (in Gentoo box) and before that I was
using Gnome 2.8 and I was able to right click in any file and send it
via bluetooth , but now I don't see the item "send via bluetooth"

is this a problem in my installation or it's not exist any more in Gnome 2.10 ?

Another questions :
1, Is there any plan to add more things to "Bluetooth Manager"  or it
will be just like that ? (for example now it even impossible to remove
more than one bluetooth device )

2, Why "bluetooth://" had been removed in 2.8 and above ?

3, Is there any way to list all the vfs addresses in my machine ?

Best Regards,
-*- If Linux doesn't have the solution, you have the wrong problem -*-

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