RE: gtkhtml / gnome-vfs issue

If the URI is entered as http://node/directorylist/, then the navigation
from that point forward works properly.

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> From: Erik Ohrnberger [mailto:Erik EchoHome org]
> Sent: Wednesday, April 20, 2005 10:34 AM
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> Subject: gtkhtml / gnome-vfs issue
> I need to be able to display html documents in my gtkmm
> application in a
> window.  Gtkmm does not have any object to support this.  So I started
> looking at just straight gtk+ and integrating that into the
> application.
> It seems like libgtkhtml is the right choice.  This libraries test
> directory has two example programs, 'simple' and
> 'testgtkhtml'.  Both are
> using gnome-vfs to load the html file or uri and having
> gtkhtml render it
> in a window.  Great!  But, both of these examples fail in a particular
> situation.
> The situation is when they are rendering an apache generated directory
> list.  They render the directory list just fine, but the next
> navigation
> into one of those directories fails.  The directory list is
> obtained by
> accessing a uri such as http://node/directorylist.  This works OK.
> However, when I click on a directory link in the directory
> list, rather
> than navigating to http://node/directorylist/directory, for
> some strange
> reason the sample application tries to navigate to
> http://node/directory.
> I've tracked it down to the gnome-vfs processing being
> performed in each
> of these applications.  It appears that the applications have trouble
> performing the new_uri = gnome_vfs_uri_resolve_relative(
> baseURI, url );
> step.
> Now I have to admit that I know very little about gnome-vfs, gtk, and
> gtkhtml, and am asking for some sort of pointers to example code that
> could help me out in what's wrong with the provided examples in the
> gtkhtml library and how to fix them, or a completely
> alternative solution
> in displaying html in my applications window and being able
> to navigate
> both local html files and web server based html files.
> Any pointers, documentation leads, or specific code that
> works would be
> greatly appreciated.
> Thanks in advance,
>         Erik.

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