Re: Solved Re: Blank Screen, Gnome Config Problem?

Jeff Boyce wrote:

Thanks everyone for all the suggestions. I am still not sure what the root cause of my desktop configuration problem was, but it is now back to normal. A very early suggestion was that I had multiple instances of X initiated, and there is a possibility that this may have been part of the problem. Thanks to Sean for his suggestion to log into a virtual consol. I logged in as my normal user, then su'd to root and started X using the command Sean provided below, when the X and Gnome session came up for the root user it was back to normal. I saved the setting, logged out, then back in, and everything looks fine. I am not sure what the cause/solution was but it is ok now. If anyone has a good understanding of what happened please fill me in. My big lesson, ...only log into root when it is absolutely necessary.


I have even had mishaps with su root where I forgot to exit root (and therefore forgot I was root) so anytime I need to su root, I open an xterm with a different
color scheme so I can see at a glance that I am indeed root.
I use xterm -bg black -fg red -(other irrealavant options).
Just a simple suggestion :)

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