Re: Changed Icons -- Strange!!

 --- bimal pandit <bimalp indoasian com> wrote: 
> Hello all,
> Yesterday, i had an unexpected problem as ...
> when i logged in as a normal user, to my surprise i
> found that the icons
> on my desktop has been changed!!,  they have become
> as a paper shape
> with a turn at one of the corner(bookmark type)while
> earlier i had users
> home, trash, start here,nautilus etc. all looking as
> their original
> icons, the thing is how it has happened and why that
> too without my
> knowledge...
> now in this situation i would like to know :-
> 1) what has happened(seems some gnome conf file has
> changed!! ... my
> view)
> 2) why it has happened??, is that normal?? has
> someone also faced the
> same situation??
> 3) how may i get back the original settings(icons)??
> 4) Preventive measure to be followed.
> any other info or suggestions are always welcomed.
> i am using redhat 9, gnome 2.2

My Debian box did this, this week. It was because I
was logged on as the same user twice on the same box
(via two different xterminals using xdmcp). If you're
not doing this, it may still be something to do with
locking of directories or similar?

Hope that helps


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