Changed Icons -- Strange!!

Hello all,

Yesterday, i had an unexpected problem as ...

when i logged in as a normal user, to my surprise i found that the icons
on my desktop has been changed!!,  they have become as a paper shape
with a turn at one of the corner(bookmark type)while earlier i had users
home, trash, start here,nautilus etc. all looking as their original
icons, the thing is how it has happened and why that too without my

now in this situation i would like to know :-

1) what has happened(seems some gnome conf file has changed!! ... my

2) why it has happened??, is that normal?? has someone also faced the
same situation??

3) how may i get back the original settings(icons)??

4) Preventive measure to be followed.

any other info or suggestions are always welcomed.

i am using redhat 9, gnome 2.2


bimal pandit

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