Re: Using SPARC Solaris GNOME 2.0 with a 2 button trackball mouse?

From: Sean Middleditch <elanthis awesomeplay com>

> Metacity has precisely nothing to do with how your mouse is configured;
> it's just the window manager.  It manages windows.  Not input devices.

True.  However, metacity along with other applications have various operations
which are bound to specific mouse buttons (1, 2, 3).  Users with a
different number of mouse buttons are faced with having to take some
action for this.

> What you need to do is set the Emulate3Buttons directive in your
> xorg.conf/XF86Config config file.  Your distro should have some tools
> for configuration of your X input devices.  (system-config-mouse in
> Fedora, for example)

Since the x server in question handles the two button trackball just
fine with a different desktop, it seems as if there is something 
in the gnome setup or metacity that either is mapping the buttons
in an unexpected manner, or which is ignoring the x server's actions
for the buttons.

I was hoping that someone might know which.
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