RE: Has performance been forgotten?

> 1- You didn't notice that even "file-roller" was not
> as fast as expected (e.g. compared to WinRAR); Isn't
> it due to its dynamic resize of extraction menu
> (loading the cpu for doing so)? Additionally, why
> "file-roller" doesn't show a progress bar instead of a
> swapping bar? A swapping bar may be attractive, but a
> progress bar may be necessary, especially for long
> archives.
Because file-roller is just a frontend for commandline archivers, and
all of those don't report the progress in any way in the middle of
operation. THings being like this, it is impossible to show a
progressbar, as we don't know when the operation finishes, untill it's
And one point about file-roller, it does a filesystem view, with folders
and subfolders, of the archive, as opposed WinRAR which only lists the
files all at once. This takes some processing, and if one more sec is
the price to pay for the file-rollers way, I'll pay it gladly.

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