GGV and launching problems


I have two problems, one regarding GGV, the other regarding launching
default handlers.

I am unable to even start GGV. Giving the command "ggv" gives this error:

(ggv:30833): GGV-WARNING **: Could not get GGV control: 'Failed to activate

(ggv:30833): GGV-WARNING **: Failed to create a new window.

(ggv:30833): GGV-WARNING **: No windows could be opened. Exiting...

Also, I am able to open URLs from Gnome-Terminal in Mozilla if their
protocol is http, but if it's https, then I get this error:

Could not open the address "":
There was an error launching the default action command associated with this

(Yes, I know is not a valid URL for

How can I fix these problems?

/--Joona Palaste-------------------------------------------------------\
\----------------------------------------------palaste cc helsinki fi--/

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