Question about generating panel menus dynamically

I have actually two questions related to the panel in GNOME 2.X:

1. Under older GNOME, when I created a launcher to spawn a rxvt or such,
   it appeared in the menu list as a small icon with the name next to it,


   Etc. Now, all the launchers I create (including apps as well) show only
   the icon. My efforts to find the setting that controls this in the docs
   have been fruitless. How to I revert to the old mini-icon+text behavior?

2. At work, I have a very large number of hosts I regularly log in to. Rather
   than manually creating all of these launchers, I would much prefer to have
   a script do it. Whether it does it on-demand or as a manually-run
   out-of-band process is not important. But I cannot find any docs at all
   on creating panel menus/drawers, etc., dynamically.

And and all help appreciated.

rjray blackperl com

Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent
psychopath who knows where you live.  -- Rick Osborne

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