Re: Lost gnome-panel after installing 4.4.0 XFree86 on 9.2 AMD64

On Mon, 8 Mar 2004 16:49:24 -0500
Guy Rouillier <guy-rouillier speakeasy net> wrote:

> I installed the AMD64 binary version (yes, on an AMD64 system) of XFree86 4.4.0, downloaded from the site.  I installed on an eMachines M6805 laptop, and I'm pleased to say that I've been able to get the native 1280x800 resolution on the LCD, and I've been able to simultaneously drive an attached monitor at an independent resolution and refresh rate.  This laptop uses the ATI 9600 Mobility chip with 64 MB discrete RAM, and I'm running the RC1 Mandrake 9.2 AMD64 release.  I'm using the "radeon" driver.  ATI is very recalcitrant regarding 64-bit Linux drivers, so I've been limited to fbdev (framebuffer) until now.
> The issue I'm having is with gnome-panel.  If I run without Xinerama, I only have a panel on the CRT, which I've verified by looking at XFree86.0.log is definitely the secondary monitor.  If I run with Xinerama, I have no panels at all!  I am still able to use alt-f1 to bring up the system menu, which appears in the upper right hand corner of whichever display has the input focus.  The panel must be running because it shows up in ps -ef, and if I try to run it it complains that it is already running.
> I've tried bringing up Configuration-GNOME-Advanced-Sessions and configuring "Panel" so it doesn't automatically restart.  I then killed the panel and started it manually using the --screen option.  No matter what I set that to, I get the same results described above.
> I'm happy to finally have dual-monitor support under 64-bit LInux, but how can I get the panel to appear on the laptop LCD?  Thanks.

Well, I've made some progress on this.  I looked in /home/guyr/.gconf/apps/panel/profiles/default/toplevels/bottom_panel/%gconf.xml, and I found that the monitor value was set to "-1" and the screen value wasn't set at all.  I set them both to "0".  Still no visible panel.  Then I also set orientation to "top", and now had a visible panel on the LCD.  So then I went into /home/guyr/.gconf/apps/panel/profiles/default/toplevels/bottom_panel_screen1 and set monitor and screen to "1" and again orientation to "top".  Now I have panels on both the laptop LCD.

Now If I turn on Xinerama, I have just a single panel, on the LCD.  This is okay.  I can go back and forth between Xinerama and no Xinerama no problem.

However, while in Xinerama mode, I can only move the panel to the left edge of the laptop LCD.  It won't let me move it to the bottom.  With Xinerama turned off, I can move the panels to the bottom of both the LCD and the CRT.  However, if I do this, when I exit, the %gconf.xml files are messed up.  The "monitor" value for bottom_panel is again back to "-1", and I again have no panels.

The short of it is that I have to leave the panels on top, and everything works.  Of course, I'd prefer bottom panels.  Also, if I am in non-Xinerama mode, when I logout, X crashes out - I never get the dialog asking if I want to log out or reboot.  With Xinerama on, logging out works fine.

So are these most likely a driver problems?  BTW, if it matters, the LCD and CRT are running at different resolutions but the same color depth.

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