Re: FC2 Gnome Window Focus

From: "Michael Clay" <mikey mugga net>

> I recently installed Fedora Core 1 on a test box and was happy with the
> way the window focus/positioning worked (Default Gnome/metacity(?)).  I
> had focus on mouse-over set but a window only came forward if I clicked
> its title bar or the edge of the window, clicking the middle of the
> window left it right where it was.  I like that!
> I then installed Fedora Core 2 and the behaviour was back to the old way,
> if I accidentally click a window anywhere, it comes forward.
> I've searched all over for a way to change this behaviour back to what I
> experienced with FC1 but can't find the setting anywhere.  I tried

This is a feature that some of my users have been asking about. 
We are using Sun's distributions, and so it will probably be a while
until we get to where you are Michael - but if you find such a way
to configure things this way, PLEASE let me know.  Thanks! 
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