Re: FC2 Gnome Window Focus

On Thu, Jun 03, 2004 at 01:51:24PM -0400 or thereabouts, Michael Clay wrote:
> I recently installed Fedora Core 1 on a test box and was happy with the
> way the window focus/positioning worked (Default Gnome/metacity(?)).  I
> had focus on mouse-over set but a window only came forward if I clicked
> its title bar or the edge of the window, clicking the middle of the window
> left it right where it was.  I like that!
> I then installed Fedora Core 2 and the behaviour was back to the old way,
> if I accidentally click a window anywhere, it comes forward.

I do not _know_ whether this is the case, but this sounds like
the behaviour I have been dreading since first I read a couple
of connected bugs in bugzilla about metacity and focus.

Comment #61 did not reassure me. I am one of those weirdos who
likes focus-follows-mouse and dont-raise-anything-unless-I-say-to
and it looked like the latter was not going to happen any more. 

This is incredibly frustrating if you work the way I do
(lots of overlapping windows, selecting and splatting text
all over the place) but apparently it was necessary to 
permit some panel applets to be focusable and usable with
the keyboard. That in turn is vital for accessibility (or
on laptops with crap mice :)) 

> I've searched all over for a way to change this behaviour back to what I
> experienced with FC1 but can't find the setting anywhere.  I tried
> searching the archives but just got "404 Not Found" errors.  Any ideas?

Whilst you are reading the (huge!) bug discussion, you might
drop a bug report against the website pointing out the archive
loss: this is about the third mention of it that I have seen
today alone. I would, but I just killed my browser. Thanks :) 


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