Gnome and sound library

I am implementing an application that will be closed source. I used Glade to
prototype the GUI and used the Gnome extensions.  Once the prototype was
finished, I wanted to make sure that everything was on the up-and-up with the licensing and that I wouldn't be mis-using GPL code. With an ldd list of bound libraries, I checked all of the licenses in /usr/share/doc to verify the license for each one. There was one library that was GPL - It seems that
this library is bound, via gnome-config to all gnome/gnomeui programs.  Once
I determined that, I dropped back to GTK (no Gnome) and replaced the only
Gnome widget that I had used (about-box) with my own code.

My question is this:  Are the Gnome developer/packagers aware of this issue?
And if so, is there any plan to eventually have an environment whrere Gnome
can be used for closed source applications? I tried searching the mail lists for some answer to this, but the search does not work (at least today). I am currently using RedHat ELWS, but the problem also
appears on RH8 and RH9.

Phil Barritt

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