Re: How to Determine Version

Quoting Heinrich Rebehn <rebehn ant uni-bremen de>:
> >>>One question. How do you get this same context menu if you have panel
> >>>full of applets? Is there any way? At the moment I don't have any empty
> >>>space in my panel and it impossible to check this information. Should
> >>>there be one pixel empty space in bottom of panel to make it possible?
> > This is still something that needs to be addressed. The applet menus
> > should perhaps have an entry for the full gnome panel context menu. I
> > usually get around the problem by moving objects to expose some panel
> > and then right click on the panel but I don't think my parents are going
> > to understand that...
> Or right click on the hide buttons (they don't use much space when 
> configured w/o arrow).

If you have your panel configured not to show hide buttons and to expand to fill
the edge of the screen you don't have anywhere to click. If you leave hide
buttons there then the user can suddenly make their panel 'vanish' and be very
very confused..

I personally would like to see a common context menu thing .. I'm pretty sure
this existed in gnome 1.4. Would take a lot of work though..


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