Gnome logout slow

I am a new subscriber -- I hope that I have posted to the proper list. 
I have two linux systems with the same gnome problem.  One is running
rh9 the other fc2.  When I click on the logout menu item in the window
manager it takes a very long time to actually complete the exit (30
seconds to a minute or more).  If I have no applications running then it
exits right away.  If I have emacs and/or a few xterms up the delay
seems interminable.  I have tried gnome-session-save --kill from an
xterm (same effect).  It eventually logs out but the delay really makes
it unusable for my work.  I like gnome -- perhaps I have misconfigured
it somehow (these were both clean installs).  Perhaps this is some kind
of "feature" I can disable.  I have looked all over the net and it
appears that others have this problem, but no solution.  Any help/hints
would be appreciated.


Todd Alan Pitts <pitts todd ieee org>

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