good job

Hi all,

Just subscribed to this list to comment very
positively about Gnome 2.6. I hadn't tried Gnome for
some time - maybe a year, maybe more. I don't know if
it's vanilla gnome or the way it comes down through
debian testing (which I'm also blown away by), but
whichever, it's it a superb desktop environment.

It seems to be ahead on two issues:

(1) speed of opening things such as 'home';

(2) clean and simple look and feel.

Incidently, the new 'folder open new window' approach
gets a thumbs up from me.

It's all very slick indeed. Seems much more together
these days. Nice job, and thanks.

I'll get it installed on some linux boxes at the
primary school I teach at here in the UK.


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