Re: "Browse folder" as open (double click) action?

Tom Wesley wrote:

On Fri, 2004-07-02 at 22:12 +0200, Toralf Lund wrote:
I'm testing GNOME 2.6 for the first time, after upgrading to Fedora Core 2... One change I notice right away is that there's now a distinction between "browse folder" and normal "file view" or "file manager". And I'm not sure I like it. To a certain degree, I can see that it may be good to have a file view free from the space requirements and (possibly) confusing GUI elements introduced by the navigation buttons, location bar, side panel etc, but:

  1. Is it really a good idea to have two separate directory viewers,
     if a straight-forward interface without unnecessary options is
     what we want? Won't the fact that there are two slightly different
     views into the filesystem just confuse most users?
  2. I absolutely detest the way the file manager will open a new
     window every time I enter a new folder.

So, is there a way to get the "browse folder" functionality, or if you like, old-style Nautilus window, as default open/double-click action? (Yeah, I know it can be accessed via the context menu, but double-click is really a lot more convenient.) If not, can I get the simplified file manager view to re-use the window when entering folders + possibly present a "parent directory" icon (or "Place" entry)?

- Toralf

If you use gconf editor, tick /apps/nautilus/preferences/
always_use_browser and it will default to the old behaviour.
Good. I'll try that...

You may be interested to know that if you either hold the shift key and
double click with the left mouse button, or use the middle mouse button
to double-click you will only keep one window open.
Ah, yes. I didn't know that, although I suspected that there would be such an option. One problem with this, though: It won't keep the same window, but open a new one *at a new location* and close the old. Farily annoying if you ask me; I'm getting dizzy by it all. But perhaps this one might be filed as a bug?

Hope this helps,

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