Re: Fail to start Gnome desktop

Hi Wouter,

Thanks for your advice.

As per your advice, I performed following steps/test with the same result 
obtained :-Gnome desktop failed to start

On KDE console
$ cd /home/satimis
$ mv .gnome .gnome-backupdir
$ mv .gnome2 .gnome2-backupdir

logout and relogin GNOME as USER

login GNOME as USER without problem but still could not start GNOME desktop

Rebooted PC and login GNOME as USER again.  Same result

# locate .gnome
/home/satimis/.gnome/apps/ 1.1.0
/home/satimis/.gnome/apps/ 1.1.0/.directory
/home/satimis/.gnome/apps/ 1.1.0/.order
/home/satimis/.gnome/apps/ 1.1.0/calc.desktop
/home/satimis/.gnome/apps/ 1.1.0/draw.desktop
/home/satimis/.gnome/apps/ 1.1.0/impress.desktop
/home/satimis/.gnome/apps/ 1.1.0/math.desktop
/home/satimis/.gnome/apps/ 1.1.0/printeradmin.desktop
/home/satimis/.gnome/apps/ 1.1.0/writer.desktop

Same directories and files re-created.


在 星期一 05 一月 2004 23:35,uws 寫道:
> P� Mon, Jan 05, 2004 at 10:13:01AM +0800, Stephen Liu skrev:
> > Kindly advise how to check the corrupted settings database.  Which config
> > file/files I have to check?
> >
> > > Rename your ~./gnome and your ~/.gnome2 directories and try again.
> >
> > locate .gnome
> > [snip]
> >
> > Shall I rename all above "/.gnome" and /.gnome2" directories?
> That's what I'd suggest :-)
>   $ cd
>   $ mv .gnome gnome-backupdir
>   $ mv .gnome2 gnome2-backupdir
> That's all. Make sure you do this in a console (no X session!)
>   mvrgr, Wouter

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