Re: gnome-help (yelp) and info/manual pages

On Thu, 2004-12-16 at 11:17 +0100, Toralf Lund wrote:
> I don't agree. You can't require that all users follow the 
> gnome-announce mailing list to be able to find out what's new in a GNOME 
> release, especially if you want GNOME to catch on among "simple users" 
> (and that goal seems to be part of the background for the changes 
> discussed.) Actually, I don't think you should expect them to be too 
> aware of the "package" concept at all. In principle, users upgrade 
> *GNOME*, or even the whole operation system, not packages. And when they 
> do, they must be able to find out all about what changed from one source 
> of information. OK, not details on every cosmetic change or minor 
> functionality update, but I don't think what we're talking about here is 
> that minor, and it's also *removed* functionality, which is much more 
> important to mention.

Funny, that you talk about "simple users", and then move to talk about
functionality that "simple users" don't even use. So, simple users
probably won't even notice anything. They just read the gnome help files
with Yelp just as before. So why confuse them by telling stuff they
probably don't even know about? And the power users usually read these
stuff conserning the packages they deal with.

> I don't think the "changes" document would get overly large if you added 
> an item like
>     * The help system can no longer view info or manual pages.

Not in with this one line. But the let's say, every package of every
program in the 2.7 devel series makes one line likes this in the final
release notes. That sums up in quite a few lines in total.


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