Re: gnome-help (yelp) and info/manual pages

Shaun McCance wrote:

On Fri, 2004-12-03 at 19:07 +0100, Toralf Lund wrote:
After upgrading to Fedora Core 3 w/ GNOME 2.8, I can no longer use commands like

yelp info:cat


gnome-help man:cat

to display info or manual pages. Why?

In Gnome 2.6, the document transformation system was changed in Yelp.
This resulted in much faster and nicer DocBook conversions, which is
Yelp's primary purpose.  The existing man and info converters weren't
using the new transformation system, so they were disabled.
Is this mentioned in the release notes???

The number of people who have complained about this is staggeringly
high.  Apparently, people want their man pages back more than they'd
like something modern, like full search capabilities.
Maybe people would rather have some (any) way to display the information actually on the system, than a modern way of accessing data that doesn't exist? I would guess that at least 90% of the documentation on a typical installation is in info or man-page format...

I also think making it "modern" is not a good design goal, but maybe I put too much meaning in your choise of words. I mean, I want something that *works*; I don't care what the current fashion is...

At the current rate of development, it's likely that man pages will be
enabled for 2.10, but info probably will not.

I would much rather have it the other way around. Man pages can easily be displayed in many other ways, but I don't really have a good info browser besides the gnome-help system (the console info app is a lot more cumbersome to use, and so is the emacs interface.)

 Of course, this is all
contingent on how much further work goes into both before the freeze.
As a rule, I don't make feature promises.


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