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Toralf Lund wrote:

Toralf Lund wrote:

David Bouchain wrote:

Toralf Lund wrote:

Can I change the GNOME fileselector behaviour so that I can type in the filename?

Pressing CTRL+F in the dialog will give you a textbox where you can type in the filename.

I understand though that this is NOT what you want to do everytime when you open/save a file, and believe me,

Quite. Also, the CTRL+F does not appear to have the autocomplete feature found in older releases, that made this file selector a lot more usable in some ways than the ones found in other GUIs, IMO.

Actually, I just found that when under *some* condition, I'll get a different popup which acutally has autocomplete, at least for some apps. I haven't quite figured out what that contionion is. Makes it somewhat better, but I'd still prefer having text input inside the actual box.

OK. Lots of messages now... I apologise for sending the others before I had fully checked the functionality.

If you select one of the "directory buttons" above the file list, then start typing, you get a pop-up that does have filename completion. You cannot update the directory list display while you type, however (as far as I can tell), and you have to hit Enter or press Open twice in order to actually select the file (if you type a complete name) - once for the pop-up, and once for the main box.

One *obvious* improvement would be having only one pop-up, but again, I'd prefer an "embedded" text field.

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