Re: desktop icons etc...

On Sun, 2004-29-08 at 02:12 +1000, Ian Brace wrote:

Ian, I think it'll be hard to find anyone around here than remembers how
2.2 worked. AFAIK all of the below worked in 2.2, and it certainly works
in 2.6+.

Maybe Debian list is a better place?

> Hi,
> I have just upgraded from Gnome 1.4 (Debian woody default) to Gnome 2.2
> (backport).  A couple of easy questions...
> 1.  The desktop doesn't allow me to create icons on it either by a
> right-click or by dragging from the file manager, whereas 1.4 did.  How
> do I do this or why doesn't it work?

Works on 2.6 ...

> 2.  I like Nautilus, but it always displays html as text!  How do I fix
> this?

This involved some nautilus view magic, but thats basically dead now. If
you want to view HTML use a proper HTML browser.

> 3.  Is it possible to move the application panel from the top to the
> bottom of the desktop?  Other panels drag around, but the special
> "application" panel doesn't want to move.

In 2.4+ you right click on the panel, and tell it to go to the bottom.
However I have a vague memory that this might not be true circa 2.2.
Best bet is to dig about in GConf to see if there is a way

> Thanks,
> Ian.


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