GCONF and default panel configs


Thanks for all the help you have provided for using GCONF to build default

I have managed to piece together a way to add items to all user panels that
works under

	Fedora Core 1 (gnome 2.4?)

However, it fails for

	Redhat EL 3.0  (Gnome 2.2.2)
	Slackware 10.0 (Gnome 2.6?)

And given that my primary target is RHEL...

I agree with other messages I have seen that wonder if it really should be
so complicated to add a launcher to a panel.

But I have noticed, that if one creates a launcher and drag/drops it onto a
panel, all the glue seems to work across all version mentioned above.

Forgive me, I'm a little new to gnome, and I'm not sure how it works
internally, but might I suggest what whatever action is associated with a
drop activity be wrapped in an API or implemented in a script that will do
the same thing?

I think this functionality (the ability to easily administer the default
panels) is important to business, and I'm willing to help.

Lastly, is there a book on this type of thing that I missed?

Thanks for listening.

...and I still need to find a not-too-burdensome way to accomplish this that
will work on at least 2.2, 2.4, and 2.6 versions, if that is possible.

T Davis

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