Re: Suse 9.1 pro, kde 3.2.3-8, gnome

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Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 10:23:01 +0100
From: Telsa Gwynne <hobbit aloss ukuu org uk>
Subject: Re: Suse 9.1  pro, kde 3.2.3-8, gnome
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On Tue, Aug 17, 2004 at 12:19:12PM -0400 or
thereabouts, Nathan wrote:
> Using XFree86 with 
> kdebase3  3.2.3-8 and 
> gnome
> KDE is working fine.
> But when I logon to  gnome, I get error:
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
> Error activating XKB configuration.
> Probably internal X server problem.

I get errors about XKB configuration on RH Fedora Core
2 which 
uses a different X package: xorg-x11. This is a bit
more recent 
than your X packages, so I am not sure that using a
version of X always helps.

I just close the dialogue box and things seem to work
Can you do that? Or does X just die and refuse to run

> What is "complex and simpler xkb config"?

I'm not sure. I had some very old files called
in my home directory. I moved them away to get rid of
the error
message. But on a fresh install, I don't think you
would have
those files. 

> Is there any workaround instead of going for fresh
> xfree as I do not want to screw up kde as I am used
> it and suse9.1 works ok with kde. I am new to 
> Thanks

I would consider rebuilding X a last resort, myself.

Does SuSE have a bug-tracker? If so, I would look
Failing that, there are SuSE mailing lists whose
you could search. 

Or someone on this list may have SuSE 9.1, Gnome, and
solution to your problem.

I know that a friend told me last night that SuSE 9.1
is mostly fine with Gnome; but that an upgrade from
9.0 to SuSE 9.1 could cause Gnome troubles. It was
intermittent, happening only on some machines. And it
didn't happen if you had never used Gnome in 9.0. But
if you had used Gnome even once on 9.0 and then
to 9.1, there was a chance of something odd happening.
In his case, it seemed to be related to GConf errors.

I _presume_ these (yours and his) are two separate
But I don't know.


>>>> quoted above >>>>

>>I just close the dialogue box and things seem to
work fine.
Can you do that? Or does X just die and refuse to run

Ans: After closing the error window, it did not die
but the desk top did not have icon names and the 
floating bar was so small. 

I did not upgrade from 9 to 9.1. 9.1 was new and clean

The above problem occured in G2.4 (came with S9.1)
Did a "system update" (not online patch update) thru
suse yast to G2.6. Included FTP dir for update in the
installation source at the top of the listing.
Still the problem existed.
After this message post and your reply, I did patch
update using the same installation source setup.
Still the error window comes. But I am able to see the
icon names.  After ignoring the error window, Gnome
works .
Lesson learned: Keep the installation source file
listing intact for regular patch updates also.
Hope one day, the patch update will fix the XKB error
I want to continue my linux learning and will come
back to this error window later with more knowledge!
Thanks for your suggestions, encouragement and time

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