Re: Using both Gnome 2.0 and Gnome 2.6 window list problems

On Thu, 2004-08-12 at 14:33, Mark Abramovs wrote:
> A two part question.
> My real problem is that we are using Gnome 2.6 on Fedora core 1 and Gnome 2.0 on
> Sun solaris boxes. When a user logs into Fedora and then into Sun the Window
> List disappears on the Sun boxes. Is there a way to change the .dot files that
> gnome uses? What are those .dot files?
> Or would it work to change the default location of the Window list for all users
> on the Sun boxes? How do I do that?

If you edit /etc/gconf/2/path, you can move ~/.gconf which is where most
of the settings live.

Some other stuff is in ~/.gnome2, there is an env variable to move that
I believe.


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