Re: Gnome 2 (under Solaris 9) and font size for Netscape 7

Dear Rainer,

the answer to your Q1 is :-

On Wed, 2004-08-04 at 15:52, Rainer Blaes wrote:
> Dear all,
> we are running Gnome 2 (downloaded from Sun's Download Center)
> under Solaris 9.
> 1. Under $USER_HOME/.dt/sessionslogs/hostname_DISPLAY=:0
>    there are messages like:
>    Unable to open desktop file applications:///netscape.desktop
>    for panel launcher: Error reading file 'applications:///netscape.desktop':
>    File not found
>    From where does this message come?

for per user


while for the system wide it is(pls descend into the subdirectories to
see *.desktop)


while the entries in it is like 

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Tux Racer
Description=Race your penguin down an alpine slope

for a Well Known Linux based game TUXRACER the location of the file is


hope this will help you to make "netscape.desktop" entry yourself!! and
will solve your problem atlest Q1 ;)

while i am not using netscape instead Mozilla/Opera for web browsing
though as far as i know mozilla is actually netscape mut the command to
run it from terminal is ?? for mozilla it is "mozilla" so you need to
give that command to 

Exec=		parameter



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