Re: Red X where volume control applet should be

Hi David,

On Mon, 2003-11-10 at 22:50, David Cunningham wrote:
> Thank you for the suggestions Malcolm.  I've managed to figure out a way to
> resolve this but my way is only a weird hack.  Developers might have some
> insight into what's going on here.
> I noticed inside the /usr/local/libexec/mixer_applet2 file there are paths
> to the icons hard coded in.  The paths look like this:
> NONE/share/pixmaps/mixer/gnome-mixer-applet.png
> Each icon referenced has a NONE prepended where /usr should be.  I assume
> this is because NONE gets dynamically replaced with /usr at execution time.
> Using sed to replace all occurrences of NONE with /usr fixes the problem.

Assume nothing. Your mixer_applet2 file is what we technically refer to
as "broken". :-(

Those paths should contain the full path to the icon directory (and it
should be /usr/local/share/pixmaps/mixer/..., not
/usr/share/pixmaps/mixer/..., based on the prefix in which you have
installed the mixer applet).

Since your prefix is /usr/local, I am guessing you built gnome-applets
yourself. When you did this, the configure script would have defined a
variable called GNOME_ICONDIR in config.h in the top-level gnome-applets
directory. In the normal scheme of things, GNOME_ICONDIR will be
${prefix}/share/pixmaps, where the "${prefix}" bit is substituted with
whatever you specified in the --prefix flag to the configure script (or
/usr/local/ by default).

Somehow your build ended up with a prefix of "NONE". I am sort of
surprised that anything worked at all.

The best fix for this problem is to rebuild gnome-applets. Run 'make
clean' first if you are building in the directory where you built it
last time to ensure that any broken binaries are thrown away before the


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