Re: how do you NFS the GNOME/KDE desktop settings to multiple PCs?

On Fri, 2003-03-14 at 18:25, seberino spawar navy mil wrote:
> I tried to NFS a bunch of /home subdirectories
> to a few PCs all with Red Hat 8.
> When I log into different machines, desktop
> screen is all messed up requiring me to
> erase all $HOME/.kde, $HOME/.gnome*, $HOME/.gconf
> to make it work again....

Can you describe "all messed up"? What's the behavior?

This should just work with no problem. I know it works here.

My guess is that, since this isn't just a gnome problem, there is
something more seriously wrong with your setup, but if you could
describe the symptoms, then you might get more help.


> *How come GNOME/KDE desktop not portable and how fix?**
> Chris

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