RE: NEWBIE: GNOME2: Icon, font, and horizontal line issues

Hmmm....the screenshots leaves me wondering about gnomes screenshot
capabilities :) .... answers two cases though:

As you can see, shows the terminal missing text and text running on top of
each other.  Using gnome-terminal. 

As for the lines (which I can't manage to catch a screenshot of though I
quiet visibly see them.  Also, not a monitor issue, I use this on a KVM
switch and lines doesn't appear on my win32 box), I have narrowed it down a

1.  It is only visible on light backgrounds, intermixes with dark
backgrounds so invisible.
2.  It always seems to appear at the top and bottom of the *active* window.
Top line seems to always be the height of the dark top title bar.  Bottom
line appears to be a tad shorter.  Extends horizontally across the entire
screen and moves with the active window. (eg up, down, or constant if window
moved right/left).



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> On Wed, 2003-03-05 at 05:49, Thoenen, Peter Sprint CIV wrote:
> > Hello all,
> > 
> > Tried google a bit before posting this but didn't seem to 
> resolve the issues
> > I have (or maybe didn't parse query correctly).  Have just 
> installed GNOME2
> > for the first time (gnome2-2.2.0 to be exact, FreeBSD 4.7,
> > XFree86-4.2.0_1.1) and have a couple issues:
> > 
> > 1.  Is it possible to remove the Home and Trash icons from 
> the desktop?
> I believe you can. Try manually removing those files using a terminal.
> (I think this was answered recently on this list, you might check the
> archives for a better explanation.)
> > 2.  Any place I have characters or words, I get a faint gray / black
> > horizontal line (like a background) that extends across the 
> entire screen
> > the height of the text.  I can still see the text on top of 
> the line, but
> > see line also.
> Can you post a screenshot and send a URL? I don't understand what you
> mean.
> > 3.  Font seems to run together, spacing doesn't seem to be 
> all there ('car'
> > will have c and a on top of each other).  Using sans font.
> Weird. Again, a screenshot would help.
> > 4.  On terminal screen (and terminal screens within x only) 
> I do not get all
> > my text.  Only way I can visually see it all is to 
> highlight the entire
> > area.  "This will read to me"-->"This              me" with 
> the missing text
> > there, just matches the terminal background color.
> Have you tried other terminal programs? Is this gnome-terminal, xterm,
> rxvt, eterm, or what?
> --Ben
> > Help on this would be appreciated.  Not honestly sure how 
> much of this is an
> > GNOME issue or if its a X issue.
> It sounds like you have some weird X font issues, but this may be as
> good a place as any to have them resolved since the issues 
> related.
> > Thanks much,
> > 
> > -Peter
> > 
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