Re: Enhanced Gnome tools

%% Sean Middleditch <elanthis awesomeplay com> writes:

  sm> Grouping seems to do for me in GNOME2.3 what it did in 1.4;
  sm> bunches of windows get put into one button which makes a drop-down
  sm> list.

Odd.  Havoc Pennington said there was an open bug about it.  You'd think
if it were implemented already someone would have closed the bug.  I'll

  sm> Seriously, if you have a specific feature problem, put a bug
  sm> report in Bugzilla bout it.

A Bugzilla bug won't help me today, or even next week.  I'm looking for
a short-term solution.

  sm> Big messages with no real useful content,

I'm not trying to have "useful content", I'm trying to ask questions: is
there a hidden way to get the old behavior?  Is anyone outside of working on Gnome "extra" applets etc. that do more than the
standard ones?

  sm> and "threats" of dumping GNOME, don't do anything for anyone but
  sm> waste time and cause irritate.  ~,^

Right.  Like anyone in Gnome cares if I don't use it.  I was making a
point that these features are not just "eye candy", as some would have
it, and instead really matter and have a significant impact on the
productivity of real people.

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