Re: Enhanced Gnome tools

%% Gregory Merchan <merchan baton phys lsu edu> writes:

  gm> I'm curious to know what is the nature of the work that requires
  gm> so many xterms. If you could identify the requirements, perhaps
  gm> someone could devise an application to meet them.

I develop for embedded systems, with large complex network setups, and I
need to have logins to many different terminal servers, logged in as
different user accounts, all at the same time.

I appreciate the thought, but really I've worked this way for many years
and it's very easy for me: I have dedicated buttons that pop up
terminals logging in as different users on different hosts, and I track
it all through the xterm title bars.

Someone else mentioned using gnome-terminal and tabbed xterms.  First,
you can only fit so many tabs in an xterm so that doesn't help so much.
Second, I can't stand the new scroll bar methods used by these new
terminals; sure, they're more "Windows like" in their behavior, but I
need the old xterm Athena-style scroll bars.  And finally, this app is
_WAY_ to slow for me: I'm always scrolling around and I must have a
smooth scrolling terminal.  If you scroll gnome-terminal quickly you get
a whole screenful of the same line :-/.  And I have a Dell GX260 with
2.4G CPU and 1G RAM, and a great video card.

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