Gnome 1.4 window list group behavior in Gnome 2.2?

Hi all;  I sent a longer missive to the list earlier but my reply
address was not the same as my sending address, so it's hung up
somewhere.  That one had more questions, but the critical question for
me right now is this one:

Is it possible to get the Gnome 1.4 panel window list "group" behavior
in the panel window list for Gnome 2.2?  By that I mean that all windows
with the same X Class (or something) are grouped into a single button in
the window list, then when you clicked it you got a posted menu listing
all the different windows of that class?

I know it can't be done through the preferences (grouping in the Gnome
2.2 panel means something different) but is there a gconf setting I can
use or something?  I took a quick spin in gconf-editor but didn't see
anything, or else I don't know where to look.

Thanks for any help!

 Paul D. Smith <psmith nortelnetworks com>   HASMAT: HA Software Mthds & Tools
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