Re: CD burning in GNOME

>I think nautilus has by default a CD-burning module in gnome 2.2 (by I
>have not tried myself). However, I think it is only for basic
>operations, like copy data on a CD. I have read that it is still not
>able to blank a CD-RW. It does the same kind of thinks like the file
>manager in Windows XP.
>For a complete CD-burning program, you have the choice between
>gcombust and gnome-toaster that are all written in GTK. I don't know if
>they have been ported to GTK2.
>I have not extensively tested, but I find that xcdroast is good for
>Audio CD and for copy on-the-fly. Gtoaster is good to copy data and to
>blank CD-RW.

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